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Hypervolt Home Pro 3 : single phase AC 7kW smart charger, 5m tethered, type 1 or 2,

with CT, plug holster and 3 year warranty:

From: £690.00

(Installation costs, subject to initial site survey)  

​   Smartest solution for Home Charging Hypervolt Home Pro 3 Charge faster, smarter and in style with the most advanced charger on the market. No additional hardware required. Optimal For Solar Charging.

  • Free Automated Software Updates

  • Integration With Your Smart Home

  • Integrated Cost Control

  • Charging Driven By Energy Tariffs

  • No Earthing Rod Required

  • Connecting Through Wi-Fi/Ethernet

  • Automated Load Management

  • Optimal For Solar Charging

  • Extras:

  • 7.5m cables are an extra £60 

  • 10m cables are an extra £110 

  • Hypervolt-compatible floor-standing pole mount: £355.00

  • 5 year warranty at £100 (no vat)

Hypervolt EV Charger - Ultra White
Hypervolt EV Charger - Ultra White
Hypervolt EV Charger - installation pic
Hypervolt - App Link
Type 2 EV Charger plug
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